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Compressed Air Treatment

Atmospheric air always includes water vapor and impurities. For the end user is extremely important that the air is free from condensate and particulates, as oil and dust. If these contaminants come into direct contact with the final equipment, the costs for maintenance would be very high..

ies can provide you the necessary tools to obtain high quality compressed air, clean and dry, free of elements that can reduce efficiency and reliability of the system.

Dryers – ID


  • Reduced energy consumption thanks to a careful selection of components and management by electronic board
  • Low pressure drop thanks to the aluminum heat exchanger with a mixing chamber: air mixing increases exchanger efficiency and minimizes pressure drop
  • Dew point maintained stable at 3°C under any conditions of use thanks to the work carried out simultaneously by both electronic board and heat exchanger with high efficiency
  • ID dryers are equipped with electronic drain or programmable timer according to user needs
  • Any other type of intelligent drain available upon request
  • The only dryer on the market with a thermal protection

Adsorption Dryers – IAD


  • Extremely reduced size and weight, ease to assembly thanks to the aluminum design that guarantees excellent resistance to corrosion
  • CE tanks available on request
  • Slow re-pressurization prevents lifting, abrasion and extends desiccant life
  • Easy mounting of both pre- and after filters
  • Pneumatic valve exclusive system; easy to maintain and purposely designed for heavy duty conditions
  • Innovative design, studied for user needs
  • Microprocessor control panel for operating cycles regulation and control, to adapt the working conditions (dew point) to user requirements
  • Three working systems:
    1. Standard
    2. Energy Saving (opt.)
    3. Combined (directly connected to the compressor)

Oil Water Separator – WOS


This is not a normal oil water separator: no decantation tank; no external tank to collect oil; simple, fast and effective condensate treatment. Unique advanced design and high quality bag material, assure an excellent filtration level.

WOS separator offers:

  • High performances also for new synthetic oils for compressors, that cannot be separated from condensate by traditional ways, such as decantation
  • Simplified maintenance and consequent reduction of maintenance costs
  • Lower concentrations of oil, less than 10 ppm/l (by a regular replacement of bags)
  • Compact dimensions and easy installation
  • TWIN Solution, the only separators that can work by this particular combination with two or more separators
  • Ecological and user-friendly material
  • High reliability: innovative technology and high quality materials ensure high reliability and excellent performance

Filters – IF


Normally compressed air contains high concentrations of dust, oil, moisture and other impurities.These contaminants can lead to high-maintenance costs and result in damage to equipment and finished products. IF Filters have been specifically designed to prevent these problems, by offering a wide range of filters for compressed air able to satisfy the most various industry needs. The secret of IF is the high efficiency of the elements which is able to offer a high capability of retention (99,999%) and very low pressure drops. The final result is an extremely purified compressed air and low operating costs.


  • Wide range of models and filtration level for every kind of industry application
  • Certified performances
  • The body configuration, with an innovative design, able to reduce pressure drops assuring high energy savings
  • Increase of efficiency and reduction of productions stops
  • Reduction of maintenance costs
  • Tool and machinery protection

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